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We do what we love ..

What started as a hobby turned into a true adventure. We went from experimenting with cameras and watching movies to mastering our cameras and making movies.

.. and we go all out

Each assignment deserves our full attention. We listen to our clients and come up together with new ideas. Afterwards your feedback will be our guiding lines. Together we can create new content that will improve your product.

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Camera, Editing, Grading

To complement my Bachelor programme in Mechanical Engineering I started Pendulum Films together with Ruben. The whole experience has been fantastic so far. From interviewing very bright people to experiencing wonderful events, Pendulum Films has brought us to amazing places. This year my goal is to make Pendulum Films grow in size again and keep producing beautiful videos.



Camera, Editing, Finance

As a Bachelor student in Electrical Engineering, starting a business in producing videos might be a far fetch. But our common interest in technology and instinct to always learn more helped us to make Pendulum Films a success. My personal goal is to improve our skills on getting your message to the public in the best way, using the analytic skills we learned from engineering and our dedication.

Thats all? Yes. Just two guys with a shared passion for filmmaking.

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  • Is a video the right format for me?

    Videos are more and more becoming the most popular medium te convey a message. We think you can’t tell a story without emotion, and that’s where you want moving pictures.

  • How much does a good video cost?

    Every project is unique and you’ll have to tell us what exactly you are looking for.
    If you want a quick price indication you can contact us.

  • Is there still time to make my video?

    Maybe, maybe not. We are very flexible and like to take on last-minute assignments. Just ask us if we can help you out!

  • I don’t really know what I want..

    No problem. It ususally helps to talk your idea through with someone experienced. How about giving us a call?

Stuck with a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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